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Mackvader Makes an Impression at Bristol

On Saturday, October 27th, the Bandits showed their racing skills on the steep banks (36 degrees) of Bristol in two exhibition races as part of the Halloween Monster Truck Mash. There were also eight monster trucks competing in two events and some high jumping motorcyclists. The gates opened at 1 p.m. for the Monster Truck Trunk or Treat Party for the kids in the infield and the kids costume contest.

The activities started with the threat of rain that never really materialized; just cloudy gray skys. The kids (young and old, many in costurm) quickly formed lines for candy and autographs by the Bandit drivers. Morgan's lines always seemed to be the longest, but then he was voted Fan Favorite!

Ricky and Mike

The first 25-lap Bandit race ran smoothly and without incident. Mackvader started in 8th position and steadily moved up to 3rd for the finish behind #55 and #3.

Tight racing


The trucks pitted to change tires. The big question for some time had been: will the truck tires (especially the right front tire) hold up for a full race with the steep banks of Bristol? After the first race the answer was a "maybe".

The steep angle of the track caused Mackvader's hood/fender to cut a deep groove into the right front tire during the first race. To resolve that issue the fender was cut higher and the damaged tire replaced with a brand new one.

Fighting for second place

Again, Mackvader started in 8th place and began working up through the pack. The #88 was in 2nd and closing the gap on 1st (#63) when without any warning the right front tire blew sending Mackvader into the wall of Turn 2 for a double bam-bam! The race had been shortened to 15 laps (due to weather concerns) and Mackvader was on the final lap. So, with good oil pressure the #88 continued around the track under caution to finish the race in 3rd.

limping to finish line

As it turns out, the #55 had been running on the metal cords of his right front tire for some distance, sending out sparks as he went. Had the race continued this tire would also have blown. So, the answer to the tire question is a very firm NO. The Bandits cannot race the steep banks of Bristol with their current tires.

Mackvaders wounds

wounded dog

sliced the wall

Among the damages: Mackvader sliced open the wall of Turn 2 leaving a long gash. The hood was blown so hard that both hood latches broke and the hood lifted up and fell forward. The gold bulldog on the hood lost much of it's face and tail. Mackvader took a beating, but that heart of gold kept going forward to finish the race in 3rd place, but under caution! [Official scoring moved #88 to last place because #88 caused the caution.]


First Race Start: 74 - 63 - 4 - 3 - 7 - 55 - 14 - 88 - 13 - 27
First Race Finish: 55 - 3 - 88 - 14 - 74 - 4 - 13 - 27 - 7 - 63

Second Race Start: 63 - 7 - 27 - 13 - 4 - 74 - 14 - 88 - 3 - 55
Second Race Finish: 63 - 55 - 88 - 74 - 27 - 3 - 14 - 7 - 13 - 4

blown tire damaged wall

fans fans

fans fans


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Photos, First Race


Start of first race


Moving up

fourth place

third place

third place

Finish of first race

Photos, Second Race

Second race

5th place

third place

second place

Tire blows

into wall

post wreck

not finished yet

pushing hard

slipping to third place

finish line

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