Pikes Peak International Raceway, CO

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1. One of the transport traiers suffered a shattered bearing at Salt Lake City.
1. One of the transport traiers suffered a shattered bearing at Salt Lake City.


Friday, May 29

Occasional rain today which missed most of the practice sessions. Everyone's learning the track and making adjustments for the altitude.

Saturday, May 30

In the qualifying race Mike placed third behind the European drivers who placed first and second. The race order for Heat 1 was inverted so he started near the back. Lots of position changes and hard racing. Mackvader "kissed" the wall which resulted in some right side damage, but not enough to stop. After some agricultural racing 88-Mike placed 6th in that race. Heat 2 saw Mackvader back on the track with a third place finish.

Sunday, May 31

In Heat 3 Mike placed fifth. Looks like some of the changes made earlier today need to be dialed back. After some feverish pit work Mackvader performed better in Heat 4, finishing 4th.

Mackvader performed well in the Podium Race until a duel with Szabo heading into turn 3. Mike came in hot, but hit the breaks hard to prevent a collision. Before turn 4 the left front tire blew, which blasted the hood open. Mike managed to come to a stop just outside turn 4, then limped to the pits under a caution flag. The blown tire was quickly replaced, the hood secured and Mackvader returned to the track to finish the race. With the time lost Mike finished last, but he did finish the race! No trophy this weekend. Some repairs and adjustments then on to Charlotte Motor Speedway for Independence Day weekend.

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Complete Podium Race, filmed by Devon Afro-Thunder (Mackvader's tire blows at about 8.5 minutes)

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