Thunderhill Raceway, California


1. California here we come! It's a convoy of race trucks.
1. California here we come! It's a convoy of race trucks.


Friday, May 22

Practice sessions today. Learned the track has crazy turns with left turns banking left and right turns banking right--at least that's how it feels.

Saturday, May 23

Qualifying this morning. Mackvader had the second best time (half a second off the leader) so we will grid in second place for the first race. Trevor Kruckeberg rolled a Minimizer truck. Thanks to our safety features he's suffered no injury. The truck's another story.

First race was a duel between 88-Mike and Krisztian Szabo's Volvo. The Volvo spun and 88-Mike passed into first place. Then Mackvader spun (at the same location) and the Volvo passed to win. Mackvader placed second.

Second race was again a duel between 88-Mike and Szabo with Szabo winning.

Sunday, May 24

Minimizer Tested, #63, was back on the track after a hugh effort by many folks to make the necessary repairs. The third heat race resulted in Corry Weller's first win in #11, followed by Szabo in #23, and third place to 88-Mike.

Heat #4 yielded 88-Mike his first win of the weekend, but the duel with #23 continued.

The winner of the Podium Race was Szabo in #23. Mike Morgan in #88 placed second, and Corry Weller in #11 placed third.