New Jersey Motorsports Park


1. Learning the course
1. Learning the course


Thursday, April 23

ChampTrucks were introduced to the media with interviews and ride-alongs on the Lightning Course of the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, New Jersey. Many of the trucks had their first run on a race course. Ditto for most of the drivers.

Friday, April 24

Serious practice today with lots of small adjustments, plus track time! Mackvader is doing well and will be a serious challenge for the other racers tomorrow. Seven trucks made it to the track fully built. That number will increase with each race as more trucks are completed.

Saturday, April 25

Qualifying: First Place for 88-Mike with a best lap time of 1:32.

Race 1: First Place for 88-Mike

Race 2: Second Place

Sunday, April 26

Race 3: First Place

Race 4: Second Place

Podium Race: First Place


Race News and Videos

Powershift YouTube Channel


On-track video #221, First Practice Lap

An interview with MyFoxPhilly

On-track video #224, Just getting a feel for the track

On-track video #231, Working out some small performance issues


Champ Truck World Series Inaugural Race Heat 1

Race video #367, Challenging turn 7

Race video #368, 88-Mike being chased


Heat 2

Race video #415, They're off!

Race video #472, #14 Ricky Rude leads with 88-Mike chasing, then #11 Mike Ryan

Race video #476, Race finish with 88-Mike taking second


Onboard video from Mackvader

Race video #482, The race begins

Race video #497, 88-Mike in second

Race video #498, 88-Mike in FIRST!

Race video #504, The checkered flag

Race video #505, The winner comes in


Photos only this race.


Race video #569, A close look at all seven trucks as they head out

Race video #575, 88-Mike in 6th place

Race video #576, 88-Mike in 3rd place

Race video #587, 88-Mike in 1st place

Race video #590, Checkered flag under caution

Race video #581, The winner returns with #14 following in second place

Meritor ChampTruck Inaugural Race Weekend