Race Team

PowerShift Racing with Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan has worked as a Master Tech at Mack Trucks for twenty years and has received numerous achievement awards during his 20+ years in the trucking industry.

Mike drag raced while in high school, worked on the pit crew of his uncle's race car, and later raced his Porsche with SCCA. Now he has built his own race truck for the inaugural 2015 ChampTruck World Series of races.

My name is Mike Morgan. I've been working for Mack Trucks for about the last fifteen years. This is MY 2015 ChampTruck that we'll be racing next season. We're looking to get this thing finished up, wrapped up here in the next few months, and start testing and tuning a little bit more. I' m really wanting to get into this thing full bore. We're gonna race as hard as we can and do all eight races next year. At the moment we're only able to do one race, all funded out of my pocket. But, we're looking to do a little more than that with this truck.

Why "88-Mike"?

There are two reasons. (1)"Originally the cab of this truck was from a UPS truck," Morgan said, a company that had a long association with racer Dale Jarrett and the number 88. (2) Being a patriotic person, Morgan hoped ultimately to "be sponsored by the military. In the armed forces 88 Mike [88M] stands for truck driver. I want to be 88 Mike. I want to be the truck driver." (Note: Before beginning the race truck build, Mike worked part-time hauling.)

race crew

Race Crew

Matt Kuhn, a Mack Master Tech from South Carolina, serves as Crew Chief for Mackvader. His quiet advice on race tactics and skillful work on the race truck have been invaluable, except for one instance. When advising Mike on how hard to push the truck at Pikes Peak International Raceway he said "push it until you hit the wall then back off." Mike took that literally.

A self proclaimed "biggest fan" became a crew member for several races and remains a loyal fan who joins us when he can; many thanks Berkeley Dunnavant. Other supporters have also served occasionally on the race crew: Steve Nash and Ryan Bassett to name a few. David Hill takes many of the photos and Karen Hill (Mom) does the website.

Son Mikey has been developing his skills at cleaning and polishing the truck, and now has taken on the role of front tire changer! Mikey also assists with loading and unloading the race truck.

Wendy MATT

Mike Morgan

88-Mike and family team

88 Mike and family team