Sponsorship Opportunity

Does your company need help recruiting drivers?

Do you want to offer exciting incentives to your current drivers?

Then why not sponsor a winning semi race team?


Mackvader (a black Mack) driven by Mike Morgan races in the Bandit Big Rig Race Series on 1/2 mile oval tracks throughout the eastern half of the USA. Why not let this personable winning team (driver and truck are fan favorites) assist with recruiting and retaining drivers for your company?

Bandit Series

The Bandit Big Rig Series was developed when ChampTruck Racing (a road track series for big rigs) folded suddenly in its second year. The race drivers worked with one of the sponsors to form an oval track, fan friendly, big rig race series that harkens back to the big rig racing of the 1970s and 1980s. With the Bandit Series now in its second full year of racing, the fan numbers are growing steadily with most tracks filled to capacity and a growing fan base watching the races via live-streaming when they can't make it to the track.

Before racing begins all race trucks and drivers line up in front of the stands and the gates are thrown open so fans can greet their favorite drivers, have fan cards or apparel signed, and inspect the race trucks. Generally each truck runs three races: one Heat Race of 10 laps; one Challenge Race lasting 15 laps, and the Main Race with ALL the qualified trucks on the track for a 30-lap race. There is a lot of "bumpin and rubbin" and some outright crashes. As the big-rigs circle the tracks with faster trucks lapping the slower ones, going two and three wide in the turns, fans experience racing like it used to be, like it should be, with lots of excitement and fan involvement. This is exciting family fun!

Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan is builder, owner, and race driver. He has worked as a Master Tech at Mack Trucks for over twenty years and he continues to receive numerous achievement awards for his dedication and skills.

While in high school Mike drag raced and worked on the pit crew of his uncle's race car; later he raced his own Porsche with SCCA. Now he has built (and rebuilt) his own big rig race truck.

Driver Mike Morgan and his Powershift Performance team won the 2015 ChampTruck Race Series beginning with the inaugural race in New Jersey and concluding with the points race in Las Vegas. In 2016 Mike and his team again won the first race weekend in Florida and were points leaders after the third race when the ChampTruck Race Series suddenly folded, making Mike and his team the national winners two years running!

With formation of the Bandit Race Series in 2016, Mike again won the first race in South Carolina on July 30th. During the 2017 race season, Mike won the main event twice and settled for a third place tie in the points race for the season (after being knocked out of competition with severe damage to Mackvader from crashes during three races). Mackvader was structurally rebuilt before the 2018 season, but has suffered with an engine gremlin that has defied diagnosis. A replacement engine is currently being installed. Mackvader should be back on the track at the next race entertaining the many fans the team has earned during four years of racing.

Possible Driver Incentives

  • Our very personable race driver, Mike Morgan, makes contact with potential drivers during the two-hour Meet and Greet at each track. He could be handing out YOUR brochure/application along with a brief recruiting talk.
  • Race driver Mike Morgan and Mackvader (race truck) could visit your facility for a local Meet and Greet.
  • Grandstand (or boxseat tickets when available) could be provided for a race near you which includes a chance for each trucker present (with a CDL license) to win an aftermarket Minimizer Bandit driver seat.

Company Benefits

  • Recruiting efforts are directed at a targeted audience of current/future truck drivers and folks associated (or potentially associated) with the trucking industry.
  • Your company name/logo could be placed on the race truck (location negotiable) and viewed by approximately 10,000 fans at each track and 900,000+ fans currently watching the live-stream.
  • Promotion of your company during race interviews, introductions, and award ceremonies.
  • Promotion of your company on the team website with links to your website.

Don't pass on this unique opportunity to promote your company to a targeted audience!

To apply for sponsorship, please contact the team via email at krh@Mackvader.com. Questions may be sent to the same address. Phone numbers will be provided after initial contact. A beginning level of sponsorship would be $5,000 per race. What that includes would be negotiable.


For additional information see these attachments:

2018 Bandit Big Rig Race Schedule (pdf)

Exposure Statistics (pdf)


For details visit the following links:

Bandit Theme Song video with race highlights

Team website - www.Mackvader.com

Race website - www.BanditSeries.com

Race sponsor website - www.Minimizer.com


Powershift Performance
Truck and driver ready to race!

Morgan interview
Race day interview

Talking with fans at Meet & Greet

Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan, driver and owner

Meet n Greet
Company Meet & Greet

Lots of room for advertising on Mackvader

Talking with fans at Meet & Greet

magazine cover
Magazine cover and print advertising

national champions
Driver and team winners!

Race winner Mike Morgan