Mike Morgan and the Powershift Performance Team
ChampTruck National Champions 2015 & 2016!

Driver and team sponsorship is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the sports world. Our team offers plenty of opportunities to help you get the most from your sponsorship dollar and to make your brand message heard!

See why sponsoring Mike Morgan and the Powershift Performance Team is right for your business.

The Value of Team Sponsorship

Victory Lane

With the ChampTruck points winner for 2015 and 2016 you'll gain valuable exposure and prestige while your team soaks up the accolades in victory lane of the new Bandit Race Series.

Broadcast Viewership

Bandit Racing fans will be able to view online productions of each of the 13 events in 2017 with highlights embedded in all formats throughout the world of racing. Bandit Racing recaptures the thrills of big-rig racing from the 1970s and 1980s.

Licensing Opportunities

With licensed products, team and driver sponsors can find valuable ways to gain exposure and increase brand loyalty among key fans.

Local In-Market Programs

By partnering with retailers that drive sales at Bandit Racing events, you'll have a chance to reach the most passionate truck consumers.

Brand Loyalty

Bandit Racing fans are growing daily and like any sports fans, they understand the importance of our sponsors and other partners, making a point to purchase their products and services.

Driver Endorsement

Consumers recognize and relate to the success of our grassroots driver Mike Morgan, making him a powerful spokesperson for the brands he represents.

Brand Exposure

Your Company will be seen across the U.S.A. as an integral part of the competitive Bandit Racing action--team sponsors gain exposure through logo placement on the truck, uniforms, pit area and team haulers. Fan cards, hats, and t-shirts will also be branded. Whether live at the track, in Bandit Racing Productions, or in print, your brand will gain valuable exposure by being an active participant in the Bandit Race Series events throughout the season.

Driver Appearances

Bandit Race drivers are among the most accessible athletes in sports and appreciate the role their sponsors play. Whether appearing at a site of your choice or as part of race day festivities (such as the driver autograph session), our drivers are well known for making a good impression on employees, customers and the general public. Drivers become important spokes people who know how to cast your brand in a positive light.

Event Attendance

Track attendance was quickly maxed out at some of the 2016 practice events, and promises to be even better in 2017. Video production in 2017 will help the series gain more popularity, bringing new fans to each event. Local event marketing and news media hype continue to grow the attendance of this exciting big-rig racing series.

North American Presence

Mike Morgan maintains an office in Tennessee, while Bandit Racing maintains their office in Minnesota. 2017 races will be held NC, SC GA, TN, AL, IA, WI, and MO, but will expand next year.


Mike Morgan Featured

Over 1 Million exposed listeners, viewers, readers

  • Satellite XM Radio Interview
  • OverDrive Magazine Interviews
  • Channel 4 News Sports Coverage
  • Channel 2 News Sports Coverage
  • 10/4 Magazine
  • LandLine Magazine
  • Faszination Magazine

Bandit Racing/Big-Rig Racing

Over 20 Million impressions, viewers, readers

  • 250,000 - audience reached by attendance and live Internet
  • Facebook - 3.5 million impressions
  • Twitter - 2.2 million impressions
  • Trucking Articles - 5 million impressions
  • Television Sports News - viewed by 10 million

Sponsorship Levels



$3500/per race

Hood & both doors






$1500/per race

Back panel




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In Conclusion

As a team and driver sponsor, there's no limit to the number of ways you can leverage your sponsorship. From advertising and promotions to sweepstakes and public appearances, Mike Morgan and his Powershift Performance team become valuable promotional assets that will get you noticed.

Whether your company is unveiling a new product or promoting a service, your team and driver sponsorship allows you the flexibility to tailor your message to fit your marketing program.




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