2017 Bandit Races

When Where Details
Sat, March 25 Hickory Motor Speedway, Newton, NC 1
Sat, April 15 Greenville-Pickens Speedway, Easley, SC 2
Sat, May 13 Montgomery Motor Speedway, Montgomery, AL 3
Sat, May 20 Florence Motor Speedway, Timmonsville, SC 4
Sat, June 10 Greenville-Pickens Speedway, Easley, SC 5
Sat, July 1 Highland Rim Speedway, Greenbriar, TN 6
Sat, July 15 Hawkeye Downs Speedway, Cedar Rapids, IA 7
Fri, July 28 Madison International Raceway, Madison, WI 8
Sat, Aug 5 Lebanon I-44 Speedway, RAIN CANCELLED 9
Sat, Sept 2 Lebanon I-44 Speedway, Lebanon, MO 10
Sat, Sept 23 Highland Rim Speedway, Greenbriar, TN 11
Sat, Oct 7 Florence Motor Speedway, Timmonsville, SC 12
Sat, Oct 14 Hickory Motor Speedway, Newton, NC 13
Sat, Oct 28 Crisp Motorsports Park, Cordele, GA 14

Bandit race trucks and drivers are facing a busy season with 13 events planned for oval tracks ranging from 1/2 mile to 1/4 mile in size. With $50,000 in prize money up for grabs at each event there will be a lot of "bumpin and rubbin". Up to 20 big-rigs will circle the tracks with faster trucks lapping the slower ones, going two and three wide in the turns. This is racing like it used to be, with lots of excitement for the fans. During intermission the race trucks and drivers line up in front of the stands and the gates are thrown open so fans can greet their favorite drivers, have fan cards or apparel signed, and inspect the race trucks.

Generally there are five races: two Heat Races with half the trucks racing in each event for 8 laps; two Challenge Races that again have half the trucks racing in each event lasting 12 laps, and the A-Main Race with ALL the trucks on the track for a 25-lap race. This is exciting family fun. Come join us! The next race will be at Highland Rim Speedway in Greenbriar, Tennessee on Saturday, September 23rd. We hope to see you there! Video

Bandit rules, schedule, highlights and video can be viewed at BanditSeries.com. Live streaming of each race is available for free at http://banditseries.com/livestream/.

Lebanon I-44 Speedway, September 2nd

Morgan finished 2nd in his heat race, 2nd in his challenge race, and 2nd in the A-Main Race with no serious damage to the #88! All in all a very good race night. Details and video.

Lebanon I-44 Speedway, August 5th

While Bandits were enroute to the track weather predictions changed from 0% chance of rain to 100%. Heavy storms struck before noon of race day and were predicted to continue for several days. The area was even under a flash flood watch and some roads were closed by race time. With all the Bandits gathered it was decided that a live-stream of an informal question and answer session would be entertaining for the Bandits and their fans. So for a two-hours the drivers answered fan questions (online, facebook) both fun and serious. Details and video.

Madison International Raceway, July 28th

Morgan won his heat race from a 4th position start and he won his challenge race from a 1st position start. The top ten truck positions were inverted for the A-Main Race, which meant Morgan started in 9th (the fifth row). The #88 had moved up to 3rd and was lapping the slower trucks when he sustained a hard hit between #54 and #14 that ended the race for #88. Details and videos.

Hawkeye Downs Speedway, July 15th

Mike picked up a win in Heat 2, a 2nd in Challenge1, and lead the A-Main Race for twelve laps before locking bumpers with #63 as he lapped him. Both went into the styrofoam wall (can't describe it, must see it rain styrofoam!). #88 and #63 were sent to the back for the restart, but in three laps Morgan moved up to 3rd! Details and videos.

Highland Rim Speedway, July 1st

Morgan started and finished 5th in Heat 1; started in 5th and finished in 3rd in Challenge Race 2; and started in 2nd and finished in 1st in the A-Main event! With lots of bumpin, rubbin and crashing four trucks did not finish the A-Main Race. Mike was awarded the $10,000 prize, a one-of-a-kind commerative guitar and a track trophy! Details and videos.

Greenville-Pickens Speedway, June 10th

88-Mike placed 2nd in Heat 2 and 2nd in Challenge 2, and then won a tough A-Main Race, receiving the prized $10,000 check! Lots of bumpin' and rubbin' with multiple cautions, but Mike held the lead for the last ten laps. Details and videos.

Florence Motor Speedway, May 20th

Mike Morgan placed 2nd in his Heat Race, 1st in his Challenge Race, and 4th in the A-Main Race that saw a number of lead changes. Details and videos.

Montgomery Motor Speedway, May 13th

Morgan placed 3rd in Heat Race 2, 3rd in Challenge Race 2, and 3rd in the A-Main Event. No crashes for Mackvader, but others did not fare as well. Details and videos.

Greenville-Pickens Speedway, April 15th

The trucks ran in two heat races with Rude (#14) and Morgan (#88) racing door to door for five of the eight laps of Heat #2 until Rude finally pulled ahead to take 1st with Morgan taking 2nd. The 14 race trucks were again split into two Challenge Races. Morgan started in 2nd place in his #88 in the second Challenge Race of seven trucks, then passed Ball in #17 to take 1st and walk away from the pack! The 25-lap main event began with Morgan's #88 in 7th position. When the race ended Rude had 1st, Ball was 2nd in #17, and Morgan a solid 3rd in #88 Mackvader. Details and videos.

Hickory Motor Speedway, March 25th

The 13 race trucks at the track were split into two Heat Races by drawing numbers for positions, followed by two Challenge Races, and then everyone raced together in the featured race. Winner of the feature event, Robbie Decker in #6, took home a $10.000 check! The rest of the teams shared prize money. Details and videos.

2016 Bandit Practice Races

Mike Morgan raced Mackvader in the final Bandit Big-Rig Race of the 2016 practice season at Crisp Motor Speedway in Cordele, GA. Mackvader placed second in his heat race and (after a serious crash) ninth in the featured race. Details and videos.

Mike Morgan and Mackvader appeared at the Anderson Motor Speedway in Williamston, South Carolina for the first race of the new Bandit Big Rig Racing Series on July 30th. Morgan placed first in the inaugural race and second in the second race. The Powershift Performance team also raced in the second Bandit Racing Series at Greenville-Pickens Speedway in South Carolina.

Race Merchandise

Shirts, hats and more can be purchased at the race track during Bandit events or online at the Bandit Store. Both drive and Bandit gear are available.

Drivers & Teams

88 - Mike Morgan of Powershift Performance in black Mack (Mackvader) with stacks

63 - Trevor Kruckeberg of Kruckeberg Motorsports in white Peterbuilt with green bumper

55 - Craig Kruckeberg of Kruckeberg Motorsports in blue Ford

54 - Tyler Kruckeberg of Kruckeberg Motorsports in black Volvo with red trim

29 - Joe Seaman of Joe Seaman Motorsports in red Peterbuilt with silver side panels

27 - Darren Proffitt (aka Moe) of Jupiter Motorsports in white Peterbuilt with blue and red trim and stacks

26 - Travis Buckner of Jupiter Motorsports in white Mack with blue trim

17 - Justin Ball of Jupiter Motorsports in black Peterbuilt with purple trim

16 - Tommy Boileau of Csaszar Motorsports in black Volvo with neon yellow

14 - Ricky Rude Proffitt of Rude Motorsports in black Peterbuilt with red trim

7 - Jon Lisenbee of Jupiter Motorsports in white Freightliner with pink trim

4 - Scott Treadway of Jupiter Motorsports in black Western Star with flag graphic

3 - Alan Boles of Jupiter Motorsports in black Peterbuilt with green trim

02 - Cody Slowinski of Sundance Motorsports in red over black Freightliner with white stripe

01 - Chris Kikelhan of Sundance Motorsports in orange Freightliner with stacks

00 - Robby Decker (#6) or Bob Boileau of Sundance Motorsports in black Freightliner with green graphics


  $10,000 + Trophy 1st 2nd 3rd
3/25 Robby Decker #6 #17 #16
4/15 Ricky Rude #14 #17 #88
5/13 Ricky Rude #14 #3 #88
5/20 Ricky Rude #14 #17 #88
6/10 Mike Morgan #88 #16 #14
7/1 Mike Morgan #88 #14 #17
7/15 Tommy Boileau #16 #17 #88
7/28 Tommy Boileau #16 #3 #17
9/2 Tommy Boileau #16 #88 #17

Points Leaders

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
3/25 #17 #3 #88 #01 #16 #6
4/15 #17 #88 #14 #01 #6 #16
5/13 #14 #17 #88 #01 #16 #6
5/20 #14 #17 #88 #16 #6 #01
6/10 #14 #88 #17 #16 #01 #3
7/1 #14 #88 #17 #16 #01 #3
7/15 #14 #88 #16 #17 #01 #3
7/28 #14 #88 #16 #17 #3 #01
9/2 #14 #16 #88 #17 #3 #01