ChampTruck World Series Racing

The Powershift Performance race team comprised of Mike Morgan (owner, builder, driver), Mike's family, Crew Chief Matt Kuhn and Mackvader, a 1999 CH Mack truck won the inaugural 2015 ChampTruck World Series and were points leaders when the 2016 ChampTruck World Series ended abruptly after the third race.

ChampTruck World Series racing brought big-rig race trucks to road courses across the USA. The race series opened in 2015 with nine race weekends on tracks from Charlotte, North Carolina to Portland, Oregon. The big-rigs (minus trailers) raced at speeds up to 100 mph on winding tracks, not ovals. Lest you think 100 mph is slow, Mackvader had faster lap times than the sports cars at Las Vegas Motor Speedway as trucks and cars alternated use of the road track.

2016 ChampTruck Race Season

Mike Morgan and Mackvader ended the short 2016 season as National Champions! Season Summary and Individual Race Details

2015 ChampTruck Race Season

Mike Morgan and Mackvader closed out the 2015 season as National Champions! Season Summary and Individual Race Details

Big-Rig Truck Racing in the USA

The following description is borrowed from a ChampTruck World Series brochure:

Truck racing started in the United States in 1979. However, after years of escalating costs, shifting rules and changing directions, the American series became a footnote of motorsports history. [ The last U.S. race was 1991.]

Meanwhile, in Europe and South America, tractor-truck racing is celebrating more than 20 years of successful growth, and it has become a world-class sport. Truck racing on these continents is one of the largest segments of professional motorsports. It's also a huge fan favorite--attracting more than 500,000 spectators annually.

ChampTruck Competition

The ChampTruck race series is limited to "big-rig" two-axle, Class-8 tractors with commercially available diesel engines having a ten to fifteen-liter engine capacity and a manual transmission. To compete trucks must be a minimum of five years old. Turbo restrictors will be used to limit top speeds to 100 mph. Comprehensive safety system requirements include a roll cage, competition containment seat, five-point racing seatbelt harness, fire suppression system and safety fuel cell. For more details go to the ChampTruck site.

ChampTruck logo

As of 6/13/16 ChampTruck has posted this statement on their website: "ChampTruck has suspended operations while we restructure the series."