Appearances 2017

Mack/Volvo Power Day, Hagerstown, MD--September 16

Mack Power Day

Mackvader & Anthem Mike & Anthem

Bedford County SACP, Shelbyville, TN--June 26

sacp Mikey and Mackvader


Highland Rim Speedway, Greenbriar, TN--June 17

Visited Higland Rim Speedway to offer a taste of the Bandits that will be racing at the track in two weeks. One announcer had a ride along for a few fast laps, but needed help exiting the truck afterwards... with a smile. Lots of autographs as the car fans inspected the race truck. Mike picked up a new buddy for the evening, a cute youngster named Luke.

highland rim highland rim

highland rim highland rim

Cars and Coffee, Franklin, TN--June 17

Promoting The Bandit Series, Highland Rim Speedway, and big-rig racing as we look ahead to our first race in Tennessee on July 1st.

cars n coffee cars n coffee

The Arkansas Mile--June 2-3

At The Arkansas Mile Mackvader topped out at 102.6 in the quarter mile, 119.8 in the half mile, and 136.0 in the mile. We were unable to bypass the governor that was limiting speed while at the track, but we will!

fast mile fast mile

fast mile

fast mile fast mile

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